Friday, February 11, 2005

Friday i'm in Love... (yiheee!)

It's the weekend!!! Yehey! Time to just hang... yun lang pow.

+ + +

My friend Tanya's baby is a girl! kewl!! congrats, mama mia!

+ + +

Kudos to my friend Pao whose book Jolography earned the 2005 UP CHancellor's Award for Outsatnding Literary Work. Asteeg!!!

+ + +

Finally got to meet Mitzy's Dave last night --- after the exhibit (fabulous! I am sooo happy that i was able to catch it --- Please see side bar for exhbit details) and dinner at Teriyaki Boy, we headed off to the Airport. Twas pretty kewl to meet him, and hear about his trip to Japan and Vancouver. Mitzy looks really happy to see him again (awww! heheh)

+ + +

Pre-Valentine raves/rants:

- i love the fact that flowers are everywhere (and i mean EVERYWHERE)
- mushy love songs are the rage (and there's nothing you can do about it!)
- the couples are harassed into buying stuff for their significant other

+ + +

I wish i can live in Japan in the early part of the year. My friend Hirosh tells me of their interesting tradition for Valentines: On Feb. 14, the girls give the the guys a gift, be it chocoaltes or flowers. Then, on March 14, the guys will give the girl a gift that is THREE TIMES THE VALUE of what they gave to the guys. Hehehe. Talk about investing! You can totally take advantage of it by sending out gifts to say, 10 guys on Feb 14. and getting back 3x your investment in ten ways. hehhhe.


LemonCloud said...

Hey I like that idea of your on the Japan Valentine.. That is a good way to invest.. Heehee.. I would give a mp3 player and maybe get a laptop back!! Greedy me.. **;

wanderlust junkie said...

hahhahah! yup, that's what i wanna get too! ;-) too bad we're not in Japan

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